$0.85, Flavored Tortilla Chips

flavored tortilla chipsMostly everyone has a snack machine somewhere in there office building. Though many office buildings are getting rid of the “unhealthy” snack machines, there are a few that carry the good and bad foods-you know this is intentional.

I got my dollar bill out to put in the machine to get me the unsalted nuts and raisins, but my eye wandered …Flavored Tortilla Chips! Yep! I put that dollar bill in the machine (I had been so good all day) and it when it, registered, then spit out the bill. I put it back in that machine, it took it, registered it, then spit it back out! Don’t laugh, but I tried it a third time, you know how they say third times the charm. It spit it back out.

Deep down I knew that my intention was not for the chips, but it was the thrill of knowing it was there and its access was rather easy. I walked back happy that the machine didn’t take my dollar, because I knew I need the unsalted nuts and raisins.

I dug in my tote bag hoping that my daughter had not gotten my blueberries and almonds. (She had access to the bag for sometime and often the extra snacks are gone.). They were available.

I escaped the urge of the tortilla chips…yeah!

Four hours later, I picked my daughter up from sports practice. She was a little parched, so I gave her a $5.00 bill to go into the market to get something I drink. She came out with a water and then offered me the famous brand of tortilla chips with an amazing flavor.

I laughed, then declined! Temptation is amazing.

Having a snack even something like this can be taken in; however, I knew my limitations especially for my daily intake for the day. More importantly, I knew that I really didn’t want the chips even if they were $.85. The question I have to ask myself often is… Am I hungry? Or is this something I really need?

Do you have those eye moments or are they truly hunger moments?

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