Sugar, Sugar and You

Sticking to any lifestyle change in respect to eating and exercising it is not something that changes over night. It is a mindset and as I am learning in my reading The Hunger Fix it can also begin prior to you being born. Now how I found this amazing article, I really couldn’t tell you, but it is a really amazing article that I would like to share with others. The details are provided and some still challenge his notes, but the article is by a Dr. Dwight Lundell, MD, “World Renowned Heart Surgeon Speaks Out On What Really Causes Heart Disease” is something that is worth reading.

This article really made me think. One ingredient mentioned is sugar. I have a horrible urge for sugar, and I have to control it by really concentrating on the good stuff. For example the other night, I was asked to pick up two items in the grocery toe after working out. I went into the grocery store and I wanted peanut butter cookies with a really good ice cream. Thank goodness, I had the only peanut butter cookies from this store and they taste like lard. So, that desire left quickly. I wanted ice cream and so I thought I would treat my self to my favorite coconut milk ice cream which is gluten-free. The taste is amazing and this store didn’t have the ice cream. So, I sauntered down the aisle looking for something with the taste that I really wanted. Couldn’t find anything.

I moved forward to look for the salty… Unsalted Chips (5mg- just enough for me and the BEST flavor!). once i found the aisle, knew that one chip would not satisfy the urge and the bag would probably be gone before I arrived home. I resorted to string beans that were dehydrated.

TRUST me…they were not anything to write home about, but I was proud that I didn’t get the peanut butter cookies, coconut ice cream or the unsalted chips. Ultimately when shopping and looking at the labels, it is very hard to walk away with food that has limited processing, preservatives, artificial flavors and sugar. Everything has sugar, and it is very difficult to move away from that ingredient. Dr. Lundell, MD provides an article worth reading that increases the awareness more. Enjoy the article!


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