Best Intentions

Planning PictureOn my drive to Maryland last night, my daughter was in the back seat listening to her music with ear phones, dad was in the back with her very happy to see the city lights, and mom was asking questions about my work week. In the most of the conversation she states, “Well, you’ll have to just stop and figure things out. It was no rush to get me him as long as we got home by midnight.”

Okay, I am a wife, mother, daughter; however, a caregiver and decision maker. However, my walks are what helps me get on track physically and mentally. Obviously, I was not getting in my walk that night. The only thought I had all day was get there by 9:00. I was concerned about being on the road after that time with my older parents; however, we collectively knew leaving around that hour would be best due to traffic and their seat time in the car.  There is something there to be said for her comment and my intention. It’s really how we look at things, but from what angle? My intention was to get her and dad home. So, what does intention really mean:

Intention means an aim that guides a plan; a course of action one follows (

I find this trip so uncanny, because my course of action (intent) for this trip was different from my mom’s intent. I wanted to get there with less traffic and with them not getting home too tired and me too, but in the grand scheme of things she was fine.

As in life we have an intent to do grand things, big or small. We try to please many people in the things we do, but regardless of out intention we need to stop and ask ourselves how is it that we plan out our goal and who is affected by the goal.  Consider your intentions as you plan your next trip, walk or visit and who is in the mix if your final decision. There is nothing like family to put you on the right “track”.


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