Relaxing the Mind Through Exercise: Mental Fitness

yogaThe brain has two hemispheres and four lobes. If you are right-handed you rely in your left hemisphere and if you are left-handed you rely on your right hemisphere. When we consider how we write, many research studies indicate it matches our personality, lifestyle and profession.  Inadvertently, our mind is controlling our body in a sense.  So, when exercising our bodies, but we know that it is our mind/thoughts give us the encouragement to physically to get fit. (so to speak).

Mental fitness is the key to physical fitness; physical fitness is the key to mental fitness.

What to participate in for exercising your mind (positively and for clarity)?

Reading, taking a class and even participating in puzzles are an excellent form of keeping your mind active.  The type of mental fitness that speaks volumes and is important to working with the body is meditation.  Sometimes people engage in yoga (there are several types) to gain clarity with their body and mind.  Yoga also helps with the mind and body connection.  When one really participated in a yoga activity people normally relax.  It is often tied into meditation as well.

How to relax the mind through exercise?

The preparations to meditation that are shared are suggestions from reading various books, reading blog sites and participating in meditation (or yoga) via CD.

  1. Have comfortable clothes.  Yoga pants and a loose t-shirt work great, but not necessary, just something relaxing;
  2. Find a quiet place (for at least 15 minutes);
  3. Get a DVD that focuses on stress relief, or beginner’s yoga. Why this?  You want to just try it out first.  It can be rather challenging to dive right into yoga.  Something simple and not so stressful will help with your journey.  Visit , or;
  4. Locate a podcast that has a meditation routine where you can listen to the person speak and take you through each breathing technique.  Meditation Oasis Podcast or Relaxation Podcast are examples of podcasts that can be downloaded.  I would encourage you to listen to the podcasts first to see what fits your need for relaxing.
  5. Have a journal to record what you find as successes in relaxing your mind.  This will let you know what techniques work best and for what situations.

If you use a relaxation technique that is working for you, share your technique in the comment box.  Keep in mind that exercising is not just physically, but mentally too!  Relaxing exercises take time to learn.


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6 thoughts on “Relaxing the Mind Through Exercise: Mental Fitness

  1. I wish I could exercise. Right now I am trying to get my thyroid meds adjusted. Most days I can barely get the bed made but somedays, like today I do pretty good…

  2. Veronica Roth

    Hello Jewel, I’m visiting you from UBC. Your post is very timely for me right now because I’ve just started seriously working on dropping ten pounds. My most favourite was is thru Yoga. I used to figure skate for 14 years, and so find yoga and the necessary flexibility easier than most, but I also find that harder workouts work better for me because of muscle memory. Often pushing myself for a hike up and down mountains leads to better muscle definition and weight loss than yoga. 🙂 Hope you have a lovely rest of the week and nice to meet you.

    • Thank you so much for your post! It’s not an easy task for me too! I’m not a skinny-minny, but I know I must keep the faith. Keep going!!!!!! You’ve got to see my “struggling” videos. I take my time and make them adventurous. Keep the faith:)

  3. Jewel,
    you just reminded me, of how important my daily walks are to keep my mind clear and my energy high. Thank you for your inspiring ideas of how settle for my excerices.
    Nicole from good old Germany

    • What a pleasure to have you visit the blog. Having people from around the world visit your blog is very inspiring. Keep on walking, because you can do it!

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