Strengthening Through Flexibility

Contortionist performing

Contortionist performing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The need to be a contortionist in order to state that you are flexible is not necessary. The need to stretch properly and reach your toes or to touch without strain is a want that you may want to achieve. Now you may not be able to do all stretches, but to keep limber is a good thing especially as we age and it prevents injury too!

Goal: To stretch regularly is to promote flexibility.

Scenario: Olivia and Oscar (good friends) get off of work and plan to meet each other at the park for their daily exercise. Olivia is the walker and Oscar is the runner, but today they excised to workout in a walk/run pattern for this day. The path that they choose has a lot of inclines and can be rather challenging at moments. Olivia knows her body and suggests that they begin in a walk, but Oscar wants to begin at a run. What is the best solution for whatever they start out with to be beat prepared for the adventure?

Olivia and Oscar should stretch, especially since they will be doing a vigorous workout. In this case they should stretch for about three to five minutes to warm up their legs, arms, shoulders and calf muscles. – yes…a warm-up.

Question: Though most of us stretch before and after a standard exercise, what about daily stretching?

Answer: Daily stretching is something that can be from five to 20 minutes a day.  On, Free Flexibility Video:  5-Minute stretch routine is something that I have used to help with stretching.  I thought I would share it with you.  Thank you to  with Katrina.  She really demonstrates how you can stretch and is only five minutes.



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2 thoughts on “Strengthening Through Flexibility

  1. This is a wonderful resource! Thanks so much for posting it!

  2. Jewel – I’m a firm believer in the warm-up walk – done at a pace that begins to bring your heart rate up for about 5-7 minutes – followed by a light stretch, the main workout and then the final stretch. I find with my runners and walkers this produces the best results! Walking is fantastic exercise, but needs to occasionally be taken to a “challenging” pace to produce the best results!

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