Exercise DVD’s: Shaun T

Encouraging is the only word that comes to mind when I think of Shaun T’s exercise tapes. Looking at all of the fit bodies on the screen are encouraging and noticing the sculpted ab’s alone keeps your energy going and helps you to work so that you too can have ab’s such as Shaun T and his team.  Additionally, the workouts on the DVD’s are truly fun and is filled with easy steps to follow. If it is your first time to try his tapes you are covered. He always has someone who does the routine on a newbie level.  Well, unless you are trying out the dance routine, which can be a riot to accomplish.

Why do you use any DVD for working out if you are Walking for a Cause?

It is important to get some form of exercise in if not daily then five (5) times a week.  It really helps you get some of that unsettled energy out and it can help ease some of your worries and let you process what you really are intended to do for a project or self.

Why this Fitness DVD (set)?

I like several workout DVD’s, but if one were to ask, this is one of my favorites, because the energy in the DVD is great.  You can goof off while trying the dance moves and no one has to see how goofy you may look or if you stumble in the process of trying to get the move.  Shaun T also has the bar at the bottom of the screen that give you a countdown of how many minutes you are working out, and what move he is going to do next.

The floor exercises that are apart of the cool down are moves that you can do and memorize if you are without your DVD.  This is really exceptional especially if you want to get a small workout in out of town or if you are just on the go where there isn’t a gym.

What can this DVD do for you?

This DVD can do several things:

1.  Get you off of the couch and look at the TV screen with something that can get you moving.

2.  Help you learn a few new moves and strengthen your ability to do a cardio workout.

3.  Demonstrate how you can do a proper warm-up and cool down (while having fun).

4.  Invite a friend or two to create a Shaun T workout party and have a healthy meal afterwards.  (You’ll find the fun in it!)

5.  Break-up the routine of walking, running or biking.  Variety is good and a little break to try new muscles is great too!


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You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:

“Motivational Walker, Jewel Williams is your everyday wife, mom and daughter motivating men and women to Walk for a Cause-”Learning about Self, Helping Others”. Get more information about the cause and how you can join in the walk by visiting, http://walkingforacause.com.”

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3 thoughts on “Exercise DVD’s: Shaun T

  1. I love to workout. I have few of his I will have to dig them back out during the winter months and get busy.

  2. The reasons that you gave are very persuasive and I am motivated to pull out the DVD set that I purchased last year. A party with friends while exercising is an excellent idea. Thanks for this review!

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