Spinning in Place

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English: Spinning instructor Nederland’s: Spinning instructor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The gym has so many different classes that it can become quite difficult to choose what you want to do and when you want to do it.  Unfortunately, the gym that I attend does not have classes, but other equipment is there to get a really good workout.  Not having classes available at my gym site will not deter me, because I have always wanted to participate in a spinning class also known as indoor cycling.

My genuine interest in spinning came from a friend who is a personal instructor.  Anytime that we get together, she is always telling us about what she has done to keep her clients interested in her spinning classes.  She also lets all of us know that spinning is her favorite class to teach out of the others.

Because of my curiosity about spinning, I had to look it up to see what the “big” deal is about spinning.  To my surprise, there is a lot that goes into spinning, and it looks like I am missing out on something really good.  In order for you to get the gist of why my excitement is so great, I will just list my top 10 things that seem awesome about spinning:

  1. Cycling Shoes–  Though you are indoors for biking, you can have shoes that fit well in the pedals, and they don’t get dirty.
  2. Music –  Music helps you keep that energy to exercise, and you do not have to program a thing in your iPod or create a playlist.
  3. Hand positioning –  Hand positioning and movements on the bike help prevent injury and can help with gaining more control of how to spin.
  4. 500 calories + –  Calories, calories, calories can be burned in a 45 minute session.  This is not an excuse to eat more, but to spin with a reason for health.
  5. Toning –  As with outdoor cycling, your lower half of your body  (thighs, calves, and other lower extremity muscles) can be toned well.
  6. Emotional Benefits – All of the days stress and strain can go into the energy of your cycling.
  7. Certified Instructor–  They are there to help you do well.  Those who have a genuine interest in their clients, help with positioning, posture and how to increase duration.
  8. Weather –  True, there may be snow that may delay your trip; however, the weather will not ruin your cycling. It is indoors for a no excuse workout.
  9. Overall Health Benefits–  As with any other sport, when you participate in one, you help your entire health.
  10. Alternative to other exercises–  Spinning is another outlet to participating in yoga, Tae bo, jazzercise, and walking.  It is good to add variety to one’s routine.


Spinning is an ever-growing exercise in the gym.  Though there are several other choices that can be chosen;  many people have leaned toward spinning for possibly one of the ten items in the list or for other reasons.  If you have not tried spinning, share why.  If you have taken a spinning class, share your top three reasons why you enjoy it and if it is your favorite at the gym.


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5 thoughts on “Spinning in Place

  1. spinning is awesome

  2. I’ve actually never tried it but would really be a great one for me if my gym offered it. I would ahve to say that it is perfect for low impact and seems like it owuld be great for people at all stages of fitness.

    Great information.
    Missy Bell

  3. I love riding my bicycle with my kids. Spinning would not be my thing. I do get up at 5 am with my oldest who rides with me and we spend 30 minutes on our bicycles. It is great Mom/kid time and we get exercise as well. Thank you for sharing this great info about this type of exercise!

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