Sniffle, Sniffle, Achew!

The fall is here and the lower temperatures have arrived. Our exercise routines will be different, and our pace will change too! However, these (cold weather and lack of energy) are not excuses to avoid working out.

So, I’ve got a question: Should a sniffle or a cold stop your routine?

I am not a physician!  I am a walker who enjoys getting out there and enjoying the me time during a workout.  However, the cooler weather usually brings on the sniffles or a drippy nose, because our bodies are getting use to the change in weather.  It was rather uncanny to run across and article, “Best and worst exercises to do with a cold”. The advice provided was interesting in that some of it was common sense, but with some good suggestions on how to care for self when we experience change with our bodies during the cold weather.

5 Key Points learned from the article:

  1. Listen to your body: If you believe you have a cold, you need to take it easy.  Chose an exercise that will still keep you moving, but if it becomes too rough, then stop.  Exercising is important, but getting proper rest is just as important.
  2. Exercises as in all exercises have their purpose:  The list that is provided in the article labels best and worst for the reader.  It is really a great and easy read to see what may work for you and what will not.  The list is one that you would want to possibly print for keeps.
  3. Confused about what you have?:  The article discusses that what you may believe as a cold, may be allergies.  Consider what you may or may not have and determine how to exercise form there.
  4. Equipment:   There was a point made in the article about equipment that is used by those who are not feeling well.  Do you see the moist towelettes that are available to use before and after your workout.  Whether you have a cold or not, wipe them down.  Also, if you believe that you have something that is “drippy” do a light workout at home.
  5. Yoga:  There we go again with Yoga.  Get your body calm and relaxed to help sooth yourself and to get in tune with your body.  Yoga is a great exercise  for your body and benefits you in a variety of ways.  (This best was my favorite.)

The article is really a great read, so here is the full article so that you can get all of the amazing and “juicy” material about what is “Best and worst for exercising with a cold” by Amanda MacMillan. 


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2 thoughts on “Sniffle, Sniffle, Achew!

  1. I find that exercising when I am not feeling 100% really helps. I try to get moving even if it just a slow walk around the block.

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