Foods that Trick

Foods Trick You

by Jewel Williams

Brownies, Cupcakes, Cookies are there

Slowing us down and adding the pounds

Pasta, Pizza, Pastries and more

Starches that make you want some more

Chicken, adorned in batter fried

Meat prepared against our healthy guide

Candies, Popcorn, Chips to Dip

Salt and sugar with a limit to our lips

Savory flavors our mouths do like

Foods we see and want in sight, but know

Our eyes do tricks, our mouths need less

Our bodies are our temples that God has blessed!

Halloween cupcakes at Union Square Whole Foods.

Halloween cupcakes at Union Square Whole Foods. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today is Halloween and there will be many foods, treats and fun with good eats that many of us will partake in. I it good to partake once in a while in the “bad” foods list. It happens, but what is most telling about us is the mindset if knowing when to stop and revert to the good foods for our bodies.

Have fun today, but remember that if your mission is to have the energy to exercise keep with your regime. If you want to take a day off, be watchful of what you eat. You still have to allow your food to digest over the night; you may feel sluggish in the morning, because you are not used to eating this way. Take it easy and consider the three tips if you want to partake in the fun.

  1. Eat a healthy meal prior to trick or treating;
  2. Once you have gathered your treats, separate your treats into small bags for later use (always check for safety);or
  3. Try to create your own treats as a family to control your portions and ingredients;
  4. Better yet, plan for next year and host an event where you can control the goodies and cut some of the sugar and have the taste;
  5. Temptation to overeat your sugary goods could happen, plan how much you are going to have.  You can always save some for later.


© 2013 Jewel Williams


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2 thoughts on “Foods that Trick

  1. When I was young my mom made a nice big bowl of chilli before I could even go out trick or treating.

    Stop in from ubc and coffee is on

  2. Mystic Comfort

    You just made me hungry! Good thing it’s dinnertime. 🙂

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