Day 4: Taking Action, Participating NOW

The purpose of participating in events or activities can be a very healthy choice.  You get to be around people; learn about others and their likes; and you get to try something new.  No one event is the same even if it has the same name or purpose.  There will be different people who attend these events and you get to learn more about them and what they do too!




1. an act or instance of participating.
2. the fact of taking part, as in some action or attempt: participation in a celebration.
3. a sharing, as in benefits or profits: participation in a pension plan.

One thing that we (as a family) were able to do is participate in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s at the Nation’s Capital.  It was the first time that we have done something of this nature together especially for a family member.  We support everyone else’s causes and contribute to their funds, but this was very personal.  The walk was very good for each of us and we each learned a little something…different of course from the walk.  This is what the definition even holds, “a sharing, as in benefits…”  That is what this event was…if we were to define it.  We shared with others why we walked and we reaped the benefits by doing something healthy for ourselves.  We also helped benefit the Alzheimer’s Association ( and raised $605.00 of the $1,500 goal in the name of the team, William’s Walkers.

I would like to challenge you to participate in one of three things today… Trust me you’ll feel good about it!

  1. Take ACTION and pledge to begin the healthy lifestyle 23 day course at  Purpose:  You will be taking a personal action to learn vocabulary that you can use to increase your affirmation of speaking (and living) healthy.
  2. TAKE PART in the action to have more research for Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia,  by donating as little as $5.00 to team William’s Walkers. We still have time to reach the goal of $1,500.  Fact:  All proceeds are processed directly through the Alzheimer’s Association Website.
  3. FOLLOW and SHARE this blog.  We want others just like you who want to increase their knowledge-base of family, food and fitness.


Begin your first step if you haven’t done so now and join one or all three of these participatory activities.  This is one way to get started with your action to participate toward a healthy lifestyle.  Once you have taken participation in one of the three, please comment below to share with others why your start today is very important for you.


© 2013 Jewel Williams


You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:

“Motivational Walker, Jewel Williams is your everyday wife, mom and daughter motivating men and women to Walk for a Cause-”Learning about Self, Helping Others”. Get more information about the cause and how you can join in the walk by visiting,


participation. Unabridged. Random House, Inc. (accessed: November 06, 2013).

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4 thoughts on “Day 4: Taking Action, Participating NOW

  1. Amar Naik

    going to join the action 1. thanks for sharing.

  2. Great reminder!

  3. Just like we are taking action together in the Blog Challenge, Jewel! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog, also 🙂

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