Day 12: The Aplomb Of The Entrepreneur

The spelling of the word alone had me curious about the meaning of the word. Before I go further into the word and the way that it is applicable to your healthy lifestyle, I want to have you do the following:

Stand in front of the mirror, and read the following,

An Affirmation of Positive Outcomes for Self

by Jewel Williams

I am a ____________ (your name), and I am unique.
I am unique and appreciate who I am, because I am here for a purpose.
My life is filled with joy, and I am thankful for each moment that brings a smile.
I want my smile to be contagious so that others can the same song within their heart.
I am loving, and I want my relationships to be loving and harmonious,
I know I can find the good in everyone.
I am a strong person and can gather my strength by being around strong and positive people.
My life can only acquire happiness, strength and success by being around those who are for the good.
I am capable of achieving my goals.
Though my goals may be challenging, I will take each task one step at a time and seek assistance.
In seeking assistance, I will be mindful that they have the same mindset and willingness to make a change too!
I know that I am not perfect, and in my journey to achieve my goals, I can learn from my mistakes.
Mistakes build character and strengthen me.
Ultimately, I am…I am here to make a difference and I will just do that because love first comes from within,
Then others can grow with me.

When you read this affirmation today you will have created the start of a man/woman who wants to make a difference a achieve a healthy life-style.  When you stand before friends, co-workers or an audience for your next speech, stand talk with poise and self-assurance (aplomb).

aplomb, n

1.  Self-confident assurance; poise

You are a very amazing person and your confidence and faith will make a difference.  It all begins with a strong, and caring mindset.


© 2013 Jewel Williams


You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:

“Motivational Walker, Jewel Williams is your everyday wife, mom and daughter motivating men and women to Walk for a Cause-”Learning about Self, Helping Others”. Get more information about the cause and how you can join in the walk by visiting,


aplomb. (n.d.) The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition. (2003). Retrieved November 17 2013 from


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3 thoughts on “Day 12: The Aplomb Of The Entrepreneur

  1. Wonderful affirmation!
    What a great way to help define the word – thanks for sharing this!

  2. This is very similar to what our team leaders are doing in my business. Serendipity that I find this here as well? I think not! Thanks for this affirmation that I am on the right path 🙂

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