Day 14: What Impels One To Be Fit?

Push Push

Push Push (Photo credit: jeff_golden)

The unmarked course was intimidating and seemed impossible for me.  The weather makes my nose drip and my fingers cold.  The challenge of having grass to walk in and an uneven path was new due to the dips on the course.  The never ending path was not what kept me going, it was the race that I recently signed up  impelled me to keep moving and to keep training for something that I have never done before.

Happily, this new goal announced in the beginning of the 23 Days of a Healthy Lifestyle Secrets (Vocabulary), was mentioned as one of three things that were still on my plate:

  • On November 1st began a different blog opportunity for me to learn about other people and will be sharing with others about Walking with a Cause.
  • Continuing to raise funds for William’s Walkers, Walk to End Alzheimer’s until November 30th.  At this time, donations have increased to $605.00 and the goal is still $1500.  Even if there is just another $100.00 this will be a feat that has been made with so many generous donors.
  • Located two walks, just need to decide which one is attainable for preparation mentally and physically.

I am excited, because I have continued with the new blog challenge, and it is very different from the one I participated in the month of October.  Positively, I can still post, share and comment on the October challenge and learn more about myself as a blogger.

Secondly, I have had more money come in for William’s Walkers Team for Walk to End Alzheimer’s .  This is really a great opportunity for the donations to go even higher. There are a few days left and I am hoping to earn $100.00 more.  Remember it is not for me it is for research toward Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Lastly, I have located a walk that will be radically different from the one that I participated in in October and this is what is impelling me to train.  And for some reason this has been even more of a challenge, because of the cold weather.  However, I am determined to learn how to continue to workout during the winter, because it is really great for clearing the mind and staying  fit.  So, with the word impel, I have a challenge for you…


What impels (pushing into motion, force, drive) you to become a healthier you on a daily basis?  Please share your struggles and how you are going to go beyond the struggle or challenge to be prepared for your goal?


© 2013 Jewel Williams


You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:

“Motivational Walker, Jewel Williams is your everyday wife, mom and daughter motivating men and women to Walk for a Cause-”Learning about Self, Helping Others”. Get more information about the cause and how you can join in the walk by visiting,

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5 thoughts on “Day 14: What Impels One To Be Fit?

  1. I am a performer. Performing is demanding on both the body, and the mind. I need to be in the best of shape, and health, so that I can bring my best to my art form. That is my motivating force.

  2. I wish I had something to share with you here but I don’t I will say good luck to you and stay positive!

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’m a personal trainer so as you can imagine fitness is something that is just part of my life. However, I am also a trainer who HATED gym class when I was younger. For me it was all about finding something I really love-running! Once I discovered something I enjoyed, the other benefits of exercise (having more energy, having a clearer mind, etc.) helped me to keep going until it became the habit it is today. As a trainer I will say that it is important to figure out why you want to make a lifestyle change at first so you have a reason to participate in activity when you aren’t in a routine yet. Best of luck to you! I recently shared a 10 min workout as a guest blog here: that might be helpful for those winter days 🙂

  4. You continue to inspire me, Jewel! I’ve been on a journey toward better health and fitness since my mother passed away in March. Losing her made me realize that I wanted to live a long time and have as good a quality of life as I could control. I am not disciplined enough yet to work out every day, but I am continuing to work on myself and my goals.

    • Mary…you are a very tenacious person. You will achieve any goal that you set forth, because I know you. You are an incredible woman and you inspire many…like me 🙂

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