Day 16: A Carousel Ride, Discernment

Carousel VI

Carousel VI (Photo credit: Montgomery County Planning Commission)

Amusement parks can old many memories for the youth because of the rides, the lines and how you meet new people, the scary moments on the roller coaster and so many other family like times.  However, there is one ole favorite that will never escape my mind, the carousel.  There is something so beautiful about carousels and the types of rides that you can have on it.  I believe it is one of the only rides that has options for its riders.  You can choose a bench, a horse (or animal) that is still or a horse (or animal) that moves up and down.  the music sometimes did remind me of the circus and the tricks that clowns would do their and would sometimes creep me out a smidge, but overall, the entire ride was memorable.  The odd thing about riding the carousel, I’d notice that not everyone would get on the moving horse.  It was almost like they were using discernment in their choice.

As with a carousel, there are choices in how we choose our meals, show support for a cause and interact with our family.  We use our discernment (judgment) in what we do. And yet, we must be faithful tool.  How do you look at your faith in your choices?

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord,
And He delights in his way.  – Psalms 27: 23 NKJV

As life continues to move forward, more choices are presented to you as you see the shiny, loud, and different things in your path, just like a carousel.  Eventually, what you do with your choice, it usually circles itself back to where you began or gives you a reality check of where you may have come from and you just need to understand that as you choose that ride on the carousel, you have a choice to sit and just take what is coming forth and use discernment, or you can straddle that horse and enjoy the ride , but using caution, and lastly, you could just enjoy the ups and downs that you will eventually take in your choice, because we must  (overall) trust God and put our faith in him to help us live this life that has the bells and whistles like that beautiful carousel.


Consider a recent event where you have had to make a choice.  Which type of rider where you when you made that choice (1)  the one who sat on the bench, let the choice defeat you; (2) the person who rode the horse that doesn’t move, played it safe; or (3) the horse that moved up and down and you still enjoyed the ride for what it was worth?


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Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Used by permission. All rights reserved.


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