Day 21: Turkey Trotting with Tenacity

My daughter, Paige and me

My daughter, Paige and me

At 5:55 am the alarm ran, but the sound only triggered the finger to hit the snooze button. Within the next five minutes the other alarm rang to awake the family, however, her husband hit the snooze button and nudged his wife to get up mumbling…”The Turkey Trot is awaiting you!”  “Give me five more minutes, please….?”  Within seconds all alarms buzzed and there it was, the encouragement of the real deal, the day was here the 5K that the entire family had been awaiting for.  Well,  actually the wife.  One of her goals was to accomplish a 5K where she would not run, but walk with a fast pace and with tenacity.  Though the weather report warned many that Thanksgiving would be a cold one, yet clear, she had trained for the 5K in temperatures close to 45-50 degrees. This morning’s temperature…20 degrees with a high of 38.

Though dressed and ready for the race, she knew that she would not be able to run it, but give a little jog.  Determined to finished and concerned about where the family would be throughout the race she wanted to finish.  Daughter came in around 44 minutes, husband around 47 minutes and wife at one hour and seven minutes.  What happened to all of the training?  Why did it take her so long? 

This story is about me.  I had a goal and had trained to come in for a 3.1 mile race at 1 hour.  I knew that this would be a challenge, but who knows.  Yes, I am a little disappointed, but I do have to admit that I was NOT the last one coming across the finish line.  There were several others behind me.  As with races, there were a few who couldn’t finish, but I have to count my blessings, I finished the race.   I am not giving up and will try another one. The encouragement from family and friend was amazing, and I really thank them from the bottom of my heart.  This was something really different for my family, especially on Thanksgiving.  With us gathering with approximately 3500 to 4200 participants, it will be something that we will talk about forever. The cheers of strangers and the positive comments to get to the finish line meant a whole lot and helped many.

Stretch Time:  No matter how you have started off your Thanksgiving Day, be it shopping for gifts, groceries, racing or sitting alone.  Make it a great day and celebrate even the small accomplishments that you have done and be thankful. Remember in anything you do strive to do, do it with tenacity.  Blessings!


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2 thoughts on “Day 21: Turkey Trotting with Tenacity

  1. Good for you on starting your Thanksgiving differently and congratulations on finishing the marathon.

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