Day 22: Thanksgiving Guilt

Image courtesy of graur codrin  /

Image courtesy of graur codrin /

The day after the American Thanksgiving Holiday, there may be a moment where you may feel a little guilty for:

  • leaving dinner early to catch a sale (pre-Black Friday)
  • eating too much or just indulging in the wrong foods
  • not speaking to a relative though in the same breathing area for dinner
  • skipping dinner with your parents, because the game was on

If you noticed, most of these examples surround around dinner.  Remember, the dinner for that day is to have “good” conversation about what you are thankful about and catching up on what’s happening in your life.  Thanksgiving guilt can hit us in so many ways, but what needs to be really looked at most is why did you acquire the guilt?  Instead of this being a shame on you session.  Let’s take this in another direction…resolution.  Consider how you would like to resolve the situation that you have the guilt for after the Thanksgiving day.  Consider this time a way to make a movement toward a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Do not beat yourself up, and it’s time to move forward:  We tend to dwell in what we have to correct as oppose to correcting the situation.  The best way to understand what you have done in a guilty manner, move forward and don’t beat yourself up
  2. Identify what Thanksgiving situation that you need a lifejacket for:   Ask yourself, why you did what you did you do what you did, first.  If you ate the wrong foods and feel miserable.  You know that the next time you need to have smaller portions and don’t go back for seconds.  If you skipped dinner for the football game, consider how you can still see your relative even when there is a game.  Maybe you can join everyone for dessert.
  3. Begin your new path immediately:  Don’t wait until Thanksgiving Eve to try to reconcile a relationship.  You may have to agree to disagree, but start sooner.
  4. You’re not alone:  Thanksgiving Guilt happens to many people.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Learn from this situation and grow into a much healthier person who has a balanced lifestyle.

We are imperfect, and we are a being that learns continuously.  So, understand that not everything can be resolved, because we are not a perfect being.  However, you can still grow and become a better person with learning from what actions are done daily.


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