5 Things Learned From Blog Challenges

Stuart Miles freedigitalphotosBlogging is not new to me; however, my point of view of what blogging is to be has changed drastically due to two blog challenges that I entered.  What I realized is that, yes, I do like to write and let others learn new material that I have learned about; however, what I have learned from blogging over the course of the past two months is that blogging is SERIOUS business.  And I really mean, BUSINESS.  You can be a blogger who is sharing for personal reasons, and even then, it is still called a business.  You are promoting what you are doing.  Though what I have shared with you may seem as though I have shared many things I have learned, but I really haven’t here is the meat of what I have learned and trust me I am sure that this list could go even deeper.

**This is one of my longest posts ever, but consider it as a lesson that is worth $197.00 (for real), yet you are getting it for free!**

5 Things Learned From Blog Challenges

It’s a Business

Personal reasons is what started me on the journey for this particular blog.  I wanted others to learn about what I have had to do to be a healthier person and what research is out their for my cause.  However, you are in a business.  It is a business.*  Whether you want to admit it or not, you have begun something that can be fruitful.  My goal was not for the money; however, there are many resources for bloggers to acquire money for blogging.  I am still learning where and how from my blog challenges. Once I realize what is working on a personal level, I’ll share, but at this time, these are other bloggers testimonies that I have been reading. Lesson:  I have a JOB ,and my blog is for fun; however, blogging is considered a business in the fact that you are promoting your intellect.  Plan and prepare.

Social Media

Read the fine print for social media especially if you are a blogger.  Can you post everywhere?  Not exactly.  You will have to decide what you want to do with your business (remember blogging is a business).  Who are you trying to reach and why are you trying to reach them.  I have Walking for a Cause for you, the reader, to learn more about why I want to help my family with one specific cause: (1)  Alzheimer’s and will be adding, (2) Arthritis.  Alzheimer’s was the initial reason for starting this blog to let other’s know that they are not alone when they are caregivers.  And in order to be a good caregiver one must take care of him/her self.  So, I used social media to let others know that this is what I would like for them to learn.  However, read the fine print. Find out where you can post your blog and how. Lesson:  Research a network that fits your blog and your goal.  Just because you may a membership to one social media site doesn’t mean that you need to use it for your blog.

Serious People= Serious Times

As you enter in any blog challenge remember there are serious people out there who are blogging to gain members for their blogs.  I will tell you that it can work well if you are in the right blog challenge.  I learned from my first blog challenge that I needed to move to a self-hosted webpage.  (I knew better.  I knew that there would be rewards, but I wanted to get my message out there.)  Take your time and learn and start the right way.  This is serious especially if you want to gain followers.  I received 37 new followers in a two month timeframe.  I blogged for fun, getting the word out.  Can you imagine if I did this with a different type of goal?  Lesson:  If you join a challenge ask yourself why.  It was worth every minute for me, and I’d do each again.

social mediaPlan, Plan, Plan

Planning your blogs is so crucial, and it will help you complete your blog publishing goals with more purpose.  I had two calendars, because I was doing another activity with the last blog challenge.  I miscounted my blogs in my 23 Days toward a Healthy Lifestyle Vocabulary.  I even wrote a message to my reader apologizing for only writing 21.  How embarrassing.  In the end, I needed an assistant to identify that I had all 23 days and then I wouldn’t have had to retract the blog.  It’s still there because I want you to read it! It’s a good post.  Lesson:  Keep your activities straight and only have one calendar.

Join a Challenge

You will meet amazing people from these blog challenges and you will read amazing work from other bloggers.  You will realize what you are doing right, what you could change and what you shouldn’t do.  We learn from each other and that is what makes this an amazing journey.  In each blog challenge that I participated in Ultimate Blog Challenge and The Simple Blogging Network (Blog Challenge) I received valuable information from two amazing professional bloggers that will give you so many ideas that you will not be able to use them all.  As with anything, you have to identify what works for you.  Lesson:  When you share, you learn and you grow.  It’s really a healthy way to have a fruitful lifestyle.

I encourage you to look at some of the links that I have placed in this post, because they are shared with sincerity.  No profit from any of them this at the time of this post; however, I have learned that being an affiliate can be profitable.

Assignment:  I am a blogger who is for supporting one’s cause. This free lesson that you have received is worth quite a bit, because you just don’t get this on any page.  You have to really research and learn the true nuggets about blogging.  I am a lifestyle and weight management certified coach and I’ll tell you the lifestyle that I lead is not of the norm, because I have parents who need my assistance and I must be use all resources well.  Such as this blog post, I have shared how I am sharing my thoughts about getting my information to you.  Take a moment and really think…What have you learned from this post, and how will you change as a blogger for your cause?  You may just help others as well.


© 2013 Jewel Williams


You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:

“Motivational Walker, Jewel Williams is your everyday wife, mom and daughter motivating men and women to Walk for a Cause-”Learning about Self, Helping Others”. Get more information about the cause and how you can join in the walk by visiting, http://jewelwilliams.com.


*ProBlogger.net is the business that is being referred.  Amazing site to learn from.


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6 thoughts on “5 Things Learned From Blog Challenges

  1. Great post! I definitely agree that blogging is a business whether you do it for fun or to make money. Either way you should have a clear and concise plan.

  2. Great post, I’m new to concentrated blog and it part of my business. I too have learned from 2 blogs and keep learning each day. I love the interaction and learning in a blog challenge and will continue in the new year.

  3. Thanks for an educational post. I’m learning just how important blogging is for business in general. I am learning a lot. Thanks for your recommended links.

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