What’s In Your Food

Dr. Tom O'BryanEver since I have learned about my father having the diagnosis of Dementia, I have been reading, watching specials, attending workshops and more about the influences of what we eat and do and how it affects the brain, neurological effects, and overall health.  As I was reading a blog post, I was introduced to a free summit about health with the links and brief descriptions of what would be discussed.  And you should know, when I saw that they would be discussing what’s in our food and how it affects our brain, I joined without hesitation.

The Gluten Summit was introduced by Dr. Tom O’Bryan and the 29 experts and leaders  (physician’s and health specialists) correlating their findings with the foods that we are eating and how they influence our internal make-up.  It’s how our bodies are responding to what we are eating.

Do you discuss the influence of what our friends and family have on you?  Well, what about what your body and the influences of what we eat and how it affects us?

What would this summit do for you? 

Whether you are gluten free or not, you have the opportunity to explore what is in our foods and how our foods have changed over the years.  You will learn about all of those keys on your foods such as GMO, casein free, sugar terms and more.

Why do I need to learn about what is in our foods?

These experts make it clear that your body reacts to the foods that you eat.  If you have inflammation, aches, pains, energy level and more are an affect of what we eat.  They just don’t talk about it, but they explain the research.

Do they have people that are well known?

If you are a person who researches or reads many magazines, you will recognize a few names, but what is most interesting is that if you really don’t know their name, you will learn what they have done with the research on Gluten and other foods that you really love.

I leave you with one question:  “Can you be gluten sensitive and not be diagnosed with Celiac Disease?” 

Assignment:  Take the time to look at  Dr. Tom O’Bryan website.  You may learn quite a bit of information.  The Gluten Summit is only available through purchase, but there is a wealth of information that you will never forget.  And if you want to continue your research, take the time to explore more research articles on the many websites out there.  However, keep in mind, that there are a lot of opinions out therer, so be wise.


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Disclaimer:  I am an affiliate for the Gluten Free Summit.


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