Do You Make These Mistakes With Friends

How long has it been since we talked?

Women in a HuddleHow many of you have said these words? These words come out of many mouths more often than not. You get so busy in your everyday duties and you always put your friends on your to-do-list. Then one day you get a call that something really exciting has happened. Or, they have called you and you listen to their message and then say, I’ll call them back.

You have your own life.  You are taking care of self or family, and you may put your friends off for just a moment or two.  First and foremost, family will be there for you through thick and then.  But to also have a balanced healthy lifestyle, broadening your wealth (friendships) is healthy as well. Interacting with others is so important. You get to learn more about yourself and what you can or can not tolerate. You get the opportunity to learn if your friendship is stagnant or is in the process of growth. Friendships are to be a two way street and that is so healthy for each and everyone of us.

Consider the top three reasons to have healthy friendships:

  1. Encourage you to be a better you.
  2. Create a healthier mindset.
  3. You’ll live longer.

There are so many articles that include why it’s important to have healthy relationships.  However, it is more important that you are aware of these mistakes:

  1. You are the recipient of negative comments; many disagreements.
  2. They encourage you to “just have a little” when you are trying to lose weight or discourage you from going to the gym.
  3. Your stress level is at its highest, and you feel better when you leave them.

Enjoy your time with your friends and make it a choice that will make you happy and enhance your lifestyle. The friendship is to help each grow and become better.


© 2013 Jewel Williams


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