Take Initiative This Year

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© Stuart Miles – Fotolia.com

Are you are you going to talk the initiative to do something different this year? Or are you like a light switch where you are “on and off” as you approach your dream?

The book for the last quarter was a perfect way to end the year and begin the new year. Initiative by Greg S. Reid. This book was a masterful story about a young lady who had to make a clear decision to do something radical in her life with purpose.

 *This book review is in not endorsed by Greg S. Reid or his publishing company.  The book was purchased by Jewel Williams, and she was not provided any funds for this review. Book was recommended by co-author, Lane Ethridge.

Book Review

by Jewel Williams, M.Ed.


by:  Greg S. Reid

Sherpa Press. Cheyenne, WY

(c) 2011


189 pp

ISBN-13: 978-0-9829850-3-8

Sharp and insightful information can be given to you through self-help books and attendance at conferences.  These books and conferences are tools for you.  They prove to give encouraging words about entrepreneurship or “finding” your talent or dream.  All of this can be quite overwhelming.  Achieving your dream is really a job within itself, so advisably you take the information that your receive from these resources and use what you find best for your situation.

Les Brown who writes the forward for Initiative provides the “fuel” to get you to open the pages.  Then, as you begin to read the first chapter, you immediately are sucked into the novel.  You’ve got this right.  This is a novel that is written cleverly.

In my reading of this novel, there were three key points that were gathered: (1) the intended audience- those who have the dream and need the power within ignited (rephrased), (2) the point of view- cleverly written where the book presents itself from third person, but the real character is you; and (3) the goal- nuggets of information (assignments) are provided with ways that you can take your intent and make it happen.

Morgan, the main character, is someone you truly know, and she may be you.  She loses her job at the age 42 and seems to be torn between what to do and how to really do something she loves.  She meets many people in her path as she decides to take the initiative to do something in her life that has purpose.  As with many things that we try to start in our lives, we have those who want to help and those who want to be naysayers.  She has these challenges even close to home, but she filters her way through each of them.

This “self-help” novel is incredible in that it gives you lessons that can be used.  The choice would truly be yours to take action.

I would definitely state that this novel is a conference within the pages for entrepreneurs or self-starters, and it is worth hundreds.  What do I mean?  In each chapter there are lessons that you can take and within each of these lessons, it is as if there is an assignment that you can do for yourself and become the person who loves what they do, and it in turn become the person gives back to others.

Phenomenal quarterly read!  Thanks for the push Lane Ethridge!


© 2014 Jewel Williams


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One thought on “Take Initiative This Year

  1. Sounds like a great book. I will have to grab a copy and read it! Thanks for the review. Visiting from the UBC. ♥

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