5 Ways To Describe A Spin Class

Do you go to the gym to workout for fun or do you go to the gym to REALLY have fun?

In my casual cruise of looking at friends posts, there was an amazing post that really caught my attention.  Yes, Facebook!  This person provided readers no quotes or  recipes, but an amazing video  It was not any other ordinary video and definitely not any other ordinary spin class.  Reading the thread, people travel for Keith Thompson’s spin classes (at KTX Fitness near Atlanta, GA) for the fun and amazing workout that they receive.

The spin participants describe Keith’s spin classes with so much enthusiasm:

  1. “I’m hooked”- Throughout the posts by FB fans
  2. “I’ve lost over XXX pounds, and I enjoy the workout”- From a Video, speaker unknown
  3. “The energy and motivation is off the chart.”- E. Nevels
  4. ” I had an awesome workout!  Thank and I will definitely be back.”- C.  Baker
  5. “The spin class was real today.  Best spin class ever.”- T. Rains

The promotional video of Keith Thompson doesn’t speak volumes to the many videos found on Facebook and YouTube, but it definitely speaks to the energy that this amazing instructor has.


To learn more about KTX Fitness or view more video’s from Keith Thompson’s class, visit the Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/KTX-Fitness/143437069032427

*Please note if you choose to watch the video’s that demonstrate the spin classes in action  on Facebook or YouTube the music may have the explicit version; however, this video is only PROMOTIONAL, “PG”.


© 2013 Jewel Williams


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3 thoughts on “5 Ways To Describe A Spin Class

  1. Peggy

    Spinning sounds fun but I am not sure how long I would last 🙂

    • I am going to have to get a day pass to go to a different gym to try spinning, but let me say…after looking at Keith Thompson’s class, I may have to take his beginner class. Thanks again!

  2. Good video, it does make taking a spinn class alot more fun than just riding a bike.

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