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you matterAs many of us read blogs on a daily or weekly basis, we are usually receiving information that will help us learn more about what we want to accomplish, or it’s a to do type of blog where they are teaching you how to do something. However, I find it important that we…yes!, we…learn from each other.

Your comments count!

Would you mind giving me your comments as you do often, but I have a few guiding statements/questions, because I really am an interactive kind of person with my readers.

Where will I share my information:   You will do as always and share in the comment box or at: jewel at jewelwilliams dot com

What do you want me to do? I would like for you to answer all or at least one of the items below.  What you give me will COUNT, because YOU MATTER!

  1. Tell me what you consider a healthy lifestyle.
  2. What do you want to learn from a healthy lifestyle blog (think personally, such as forum, private page, coaching about xyz, along those lines)?
  3. Tell me one thing that you did personally today that you consider on track in living a healthy lifestyle and one that you did today that you can change.

I really appreciate you…my readers!  I want to learn too! It’s about me learning more about you.

Thanks again and don’t forget to get your free eBook to your right.

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10 thoughts on “Your Comment Counts

  1. Moderation and Sanity are healthy. I want to learn encouraging facts and applicable ideas. I danced with my kids and fixed a healthy spaghetti. Raw noodles with egg mixed in and garlic, parmesan, onions no sauce. We loved it! And we went to the library. Those brains need exercised to. We are hosting a linky party if you would like to join.

  2. 1. I consider a healthy lifestyle to be one that you are at peace with not only your body but also your mind and spirit. One cannot just diet without the others being in line.
    2. From a healthy lifestyle blog I would be looking for ways to maintain and grow in my choices. If I am currently eating a high protein low carb diet I want to see articles of benefits and recipes. I also want to see ideas and discussions on improving my mental health and also my spiritual health.
    3. The one thing I did today that I believe is on track to a healthy lifestyle was I chose not to drink a soda but instead had water. One thing that I would choose to change from today was that I ate a donut a student brought me.

    What a fun post idea!

  3. I went Gluten Sugar Dairy Free over a year ago and it changed my life! I am so glad I did it. Great blog.

    • Michelle…there is a difference in the changes choices that we make to our food intake. I am glad that the Gluten Sugar Dairy Free lifestyle is benefiting you! Thank you for sharing:)

  4. 1) I consider a healthy lifestyle one that involves being physically engaged with your environment (that is, off your duff and walking around). It also involves mental engagement, like pursuing a hobby or even just reading. Diet figures in there, too, thought I’d be a hypocrite to try to tell people what is a good diet – other than to eat in moderation.
    2) What I’d want to read about in a healthy lifestyle blog are practical, simple, small things (life hacks, if you will) that can be applied to improve ones lifestyle, rather than recommendations for drastic change. Life is crazy enough.
    3) One good thing I did today was exercise. In fact, I exercised twice, since I got a little workout in while alone in the laboratory today (I’m a geochemist). I could easily have decided to not exercise when I got home, because I was tired and I’d have to pick up my son soon. I did it anyway. So far as bad things I did today… I caved in to marshmallow Peeps. They were on display at the drug store, and I bought them, and wolfed them down in the car. Oh, but they were so good! I also skipped lunch, which was probably even worse than the Peeps. I need to get my act together and pack lunches. 😛

    • #2 is really great information as I continue to grow my blog and the resources for those who want to gain a healthy lifestyle. I have to say though that #3 really peeped itself around the corner to you as you were in the check out line. Love it! The store layouts can bee so enticing. We all have fallen prey! Thank you so much for your comments paleopix!

  5. A healthy lifestyle would be eat the right foods and exercise. We do eat better as my husband has so many allergies that I have to cook special food. Thanks for sharing. Anita

    • Anita…it is often the case when we have something that makes a radical change in our households where we have to make the choice. Thanks again for giving sharing your thoughts!

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