An Island, A Plane, Tattoo and You

© Dmitry Pichugin - Fotolia.comThe other night, I was watching television and there was a commercial that alluded to Fantasy Island.  Immediately, my husband and I started to recall some of the general statements said by Mr. Roarke and Tattoo, especially, when the guests where arriving to the island, “The plane! The Plane!”  (or what heard, “Da plane! Da plane!”)  That was such an amazing show, because even though Fantasy Island was fictitious, the adventure created a world that many of us wanted to create.

Fantasy Island helped us see how others dreams and wishes could come true.  However, it sometimes showed the dark side of where these peoples decisions were not chosen wisely. There are times where we really don’t know if it is the best choice even if we do our research.  What was even more eye-opening is that these people paid for their adventure because of a struggle that they may have had for sometime.

Do you feel a struggle with something in your life where you feel like you are on an island, you have made a choice, and are uncertain how it will turnout?   The only difference about this adventure is that the plane didn’t bring you to the island with Tattoo announcing your arrival.

Think a little bit about your adventure/journey and how will your choices affect your possible outcome. What do you believe will give you the strength to move forward?  And remember you don’t have Mr. Roarke or Tattoo!

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3 thoughts on “An Island, A Plane, Tattoo and You

  1. Powerful post.

  2. Andy Lockhart

    Love this, I even remember Fantasy Island

  3. Wasn’t it great!

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