The Legume, Peanut

IMG_1956God’s little furry creature was just a shaking in his camouflage coat awaiting to get into the warm car.  Thank goodness we have a car that has heated seats…just enough to get the chill off so that he could sit in his little blanket.  The excitement was just so much fun, because our little family member enjoys going for car rides…this morning he was a hesitant and contemplative about where he would go as the wind would whip past us as he road.

Until…he saw the other little dogs walking to the store.  You know, one of the most inviting mega-chain’s that serve our wonderful animals.  It was time for a follow-up to a previous weeks appointment and our little legume, just loves going to see the doctor.  It’s almost a little frightening.  Unbeknownst to us, there was a schedule change that prevented him from his appointment, so we just traveled around town.  He could just looked out the window peering at the people, the cars and more.  Yes, he was happy about getting back home to his little “couch”, but even our furry little friends need time to have with their owner(s) to know that we care about them.

I’d just love to hear about your adventures with your family pet.  Do you go on many adventures with them?  Do you take them on picnics with you?  Or, do you have an outside dog that protects your family?

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