Essentials for the Wind

Brutal man walking under snowstorm at night lighting his way witMany of us in the United States are experiencing snow, wind chills below freezing, freezing rain or more. Preparing ourselves before we leave the home is essential to ensure that we do not expose ourselves to the wind. In our blogging, entrepreneurial, and coaching lives we experience the wind in a different way. We experience the cold, chills and more when we step out to try something different.

  • In the cold weather, we put on our clothes in layers…in life we should have a plan a, b and sometimes c. If one thing in our path doesn’t’ work, we shouldn’t be caught out in the cold.  We could have another layer that we can peal or put on to make it through that tough time, so that we can obtain our success.  Peel, baby…peel!
  • In the cold weather, we sometimes get a little wet due to the freezing rain or snow…in life we sometimes saturate our market. In the sense that we may stick to only one way of doing something, and we may need to try something else. Branch out and join groups, visit other websites and attend events.
  • In the cold weather, we sometimes feel the chill of the wind…when we go out to try ,something for our blog, coaching business or entrepreneurship. we many not get the “bites” that we hope for. It’s a trust factor that we need to understand as we grow. Some people will immediately join our team and others may leave…and that is okay.

Consider these three essentials for the wind in your live. Everyone experiences these bitter times, but that is just fine. It’s about putting our faith on and gathering the essentials to continue with our mission to expose others to our gifts.

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7 thoughts on “Essentials for the Wind

  1. What a wonderful motivated post. I finally decided to do a plan and mainly BELIEVE in 2014. That’s my problem, that perhaps I try to deal with many layers at the same time and until recently I was suffering from information overload and no action. Great post. I needed it.

  2. Very thought provoking indeed! Great post X

  3. Dear Jewel
    What a wonderful analogy and so well written! I like what you had to say about trying something new instead of sticking to only one way of doing something. Sometimes in business we really do need to branch out and try something else.
    Thank you Jewel!
    Healthy blessings,

  4. That’s very encouraging!! I think the key for me is not to give up and to continue to take purposeful action.

  5. Amar Naik

    a great encouraging post. It’s definitely needed to put faith on and gathering the essentials to continue

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