Ugh! No Television

English: Hungarian television set from 1959. O...

English: Hungarian television set from 1959. ORION AT 602 – 1959. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the assignments I receive in elementary, middle and high school was to not watch television for an entire week.  Now when I was in elementary school cable television was not around. However, later,  the explosion of MTV came to be and the assignment was a challenge.  What made the challenge bearable was having my parents around and my friends who gave encouragement during the challenge.

Why the assignment?  Each time the assignment was a little different.  What I remember most about the assignment was to see how much we depended on technology to give us entertainment.  As I tried the challenge with my daughter, it forced her really think through all of the “noise”.

What “noise”?  We have to think about how we solve problems, communicate with each other and create or become inquisitive in our actions.

What was learned?  Giving our mind a little quiet time where we read or write a letter can be good for our soul.  We could learn about what we find ourselves dependent on or with and are unable to see the forest from the trees.  Even when doing this week activity with my daughter, I realized that we, husband included, put a different spin on family time where we learned to be more resourceful.

Share your thoughts on the no television for a week challenge. If you have participated in this activity, what was your experience like?  What did you gain having the television off?  Did you participate in this challenge with your family too? 

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