No Pleasant Food

The beginning of the year is a time where many participate in some type of cleansing activity with their church, friends, or on their own. However, one of the most common cleansing/fasts that has many support materials is The Daniel Fast.

Several years ago, I purchased a book on Fasting and the types of fasts that were Christian based using the bible as its source.  I had participated in other fasts that were recommended in the book; however, the “popularity” of The Daniel Fast had not been the way that it is today with so many resources, i.e. devotionals, workbooks, and cookbooks.  The refreshing part about these resources used in corporate fasts or Christian ministries is the community support…it’s soul enriching. The opportunity to join a community or your family in this wonderful 21 day (or 40 day) journey can happen.

Fasting is defined as “an abstinence from food, or a limiting of one’s food, especially when voluntary and as a religious observance; fasting.”  1

The Daniel Fast is not abstinence of food or drink totally.  You eat morning, breakfast, evening and your “in-between” snacks. What’s common is an absence of meat, dairy, breads and juices.  You learn how to appreciate what food goes in your temple (body). and how much you may rely on fast food, boxed food and artificial flavorings and preservatives. It allows you to bond with your family (church or relatives) and creates conversation about what you are learning about yourself.

Where can you find resources about the Daniel Fast and about Daniel?

Susan Gregory is a coach, author and bible teacher that has use the bible and the profound wisdom that is within it to help others recognize the resource of understanding one’s body, mind and soul through the book of Daniel, specially why the Daniel Fast.  She has created devotionals, cookbooks and more to help guide you through each and every step.

Rick Warren is best known for The Purpose Driven Life.  He has joined well known physicians and created The Daniel Plan, which is a 40 day program to that looks at the total you: faith, friends, focus, fitness and food. He provides resources that can help you create that community of people to join you in the program with workbooks and a chapter book.

Before you leave, share with us if you have participated in either of these plans or have read about them.

End notes:

fasting. Unabridged. Random House, Inc. (accessed: January 25, 2014).

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2 thoughts on “No Pleasant Food

  1. Very interesting and useful post, giving ideas for a healthier lifestyle.

  2. I’ve never fasted (or felt the need to), but I might give this a go one day.

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