Without a Second Thought

English: True Love Couple

English: True Love Couple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“He saw his wife just as she stepped from the train platform into the car and without a second thought, he abandoned his plans of going to work. She arrived home early.  Unbeknownst to him, she was going to be his surprise when he got home.”

The romantic part about this is when we have our family members so close to us, we tend not to think about the little surprises that we could give to each other.  It can be a card, gift, roses, dining out, or even just a warm hello can mean the world to them.

Why Walking for a Cause with such an embracing storyline?

Our family is our connection to how we interact with one another in the world.  We are to demonstrate love toward one another and to love the things that we do for one another.  We must look at our family to give us comfort and guidance when we need that little form of faith. We have got to take the time just as this woman and man did and embrace the moment as it arrives.

I need your help now…I would like for you to give the next line to the story (Rated G version only).

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8 thoughts on “Without a Second Thought

  1. He walked up to her and said, “Today, I am yours.” She was a bit surprised because she had meant to surprise him and he just surprised her.

  2. He only knew he wanted to be there with her.

  3. Well…. I am not a writer but I will tell you my idea listed in points 😉

    He got home and she …

    * She was very busy with a lot of pots and pans. He noticed steaks (his favorite) and mushrooms. He pretended not to notice and greeted her by kissing and embracing and said he had some things to work on.

    * He went into his study and pretended he was working but he kept thinking what was his wife up to.

    * He didn’t have much longer to wait when his wife called him to have the meal.

    * He noticed straight away that she had used the best linen and the best of everything, the things that they normally kept for special occasions.

    * He sat down and she brought the wine, which had obviously been opened earlier to give the right breathing and temperature.

    * She asked him to pour some wine before she brought the food.

    * As he reached for the wine, he noticed there was a bulk under his serviette that was resting on his plate. Curious he lifted the serviette and a miniature baby Moses fell out.

    Suddenly it dawn on him……

    I leave for someone else to finish 😉

  4. I love it but can’t think of where to go with the story next. I like what everyone else came up with, though! Visiting you from the UBC ~ you are one of the two who posted under me in the comment thread. Great idea to have everyone participate in the story!

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