Tuck Those Abs In

Billy Blanks gave me a fitness workout that I needed for the night.

Billy Blanks – martial artist, fitness guru, a...The to-do list continued to pile up and the time just kept moving along.  No matter what I tried to do to leave in the “next fifteen minutes”, it just kept passing by.  Once I left my day job, I knew that I had two other errands on my list, the gym and the grocery store.  Each were just as important as the other, because I needed to get my fitness on and I really needed more vegetables in the house.

As the time continued to move forward and the clock got much later, the gym would have to be placed on my to-do list for tomorrow.  I purchased my groceries and felt just as guilty as ever.  There I looked at the DVD’s sitting on the shelf and knew there was one thing that I could do for at least thirty minutes to get a sweat on…Billy Blanks.The clothes that were once in my car, came inside and I changed quickly as 8:30pm drew near.  I popped in Billy Blanks Cardio Boot Camp and let the moves that I had once forgot (rhythm was a little off) guide me into fitness.  All that I continued to hear was tuck those abs in, so I did so and proceeded to feel great!

So what is the lesson?

Working out late is not for everyone, but to get some form of workout is best.  Try to keep fitness DVD’s near, because just as it was for me tonight, it may just prove to be your “gym” for the day.

Share:  What is your favorite fitness DVD?  And, have you tried Billy Blanks Boot Camp?

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4 thoughts on “Tuck Those Abs In

  1. I own several DVDs, but I don’t recognize that name. I do so much better in a group setting though. I’m doing tabata at the gym right now. Three times a week for an hour. It’s way better than nothing, but I’m not sticking to my healthy eating plan very well, so I’m not seeing much result.

    Good for you getting your exercise in!!!!

    • I have never heard of tabata. I will have to research this. Thanks again for recognizing the need of DVD’s for a little “gusto” to keep the fitness bug going! Much success to your fitness regime.

  2. Hi Jewel,

    This post hit home. During the summer, I got out of the rhythm of the gym and into the rhythm of walking. Now that the winter is in full swing, and snow is on the track, it seems so difficult to get the gym momentum back. I do have my favorite Leslie Sansone walking video nearby.

    No more excuses. Walk I must!

    • I had a tape at one time with Leslie Sansone. I also know of a former co-worker of mine who used her tapes as a part of her fitness plan and lost many pounds with the correct eating plan. Go for it and get your Walk ON!

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