Got A Hole In My Sole

English: Photo's of a suspect's shoe. The shoe...

English: Photo’s of a suspect’s shoe. The shoes outsole shows many similarities with the shoe print left at the crime scene. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know you want to see that hole in the sole of my shoe, but instead I have something else that I want you to think about…your soul…just read!

The sole of my shoes are very important especially since I am Walking for a Cause. The support that I have is the use of Treadmill Trainer by Yuri Elkaim. But to go one step further, I must describe the sole of my shoes:  The type of shoes that I wear are well made (quality information); they fit with comfort, but need reinforcement to keep them on my feet (life), and they protect me when I walk on hard surfaces (faith),

In my training, I have a few miles under my belt and the journey has a three major details that must be shared.

  1. I see that I am truly reaching my own personal soul in doing this workout with Yuri.
  2. I am learning more about myself from the three major areas, mind, body and soul.
  3. I am learning that I must understand that I will have tears of joy and sadness as I prepare for my next run/walk event and that I will have to have a little pain in the process. The pain doesn’t necessarily have to be physical but with the push of doing this on a weekly basis and hoping to reap the positive outcome of participating in his program.

You would really enjoy how Yuri is really right there with you…he’s really in your ear… His encouragement and stick-tuitive-ness of completing his program is really their and he wants you to see results. He knows that everyone is at a different level, but that is just fine with him. He really knows that each person is starting out at a different level. And with me knowing this, really helps my soul.

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