5 Things Your Supermarket Can Teach You About Faith


Supermarket (Photo credit: david.alliet)

The supermarket can teach me something about faith?  I know that is the first thing you must have said when you read the post title.  However, it is true!  Why wait any longer so here goes:

#5  There are products at each and every area in the supermarket.  Faith is anywhere and everywhere you turn.  It’s really up to you as to how you which to accept it. Do you treat your faith like the junk food aisle and allow it to just satisfy your needs in an instant, or do you allow your faith to nurture you and feed you to be a better person?

#4    The frozen food section.  You use your faith in the following manner.  recognize that it is there and so you package it up and hold onto it for later.  When you realize that you need a little, you defrost it and then use it.  You just can’t put your faith in the freezer.  Treat it as though they are you fresh vegetables.

#3  Looking for the discount (YOUR COUPONS!).  I agree that there are times where we need to save a dollar.  Coupons are the best ever and having that little card that you allow to get swiped to get the extra discounts makes many of our lives better.  However, we can’t allow our thought process be so “cheap” in that we are hoping to have the discounted version of faith.  We can short change Him in the process.  Pray, read and give thanks always!

#2  The long lines on a Saturday morning.  Our answers are not going to be given to us in an instance.  We have to continue to have faith, and that means that we have to walk our talk and really rely on him.  Pick up a book (not your tabloids) and really read it to gain encouragement.

#1  Read the labels.  You have to ask yourself, what are the ingredients in that product that I am purchasing.  You know with Walking for a Cause, I have to ensure that whatever cause that I participate in (walking events), I need to see if it is something that I know will be beneficial to me or my family.  You should do the same.  Encourage your self by nourishing yourself properly and have faith in all that you do in your daily walk.

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2 thoughts on “5 Things Your Supermarket Can Teach You About Faith

  1. Christi Lyn

    Great Article!

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