Is The Treadmill Challenge For You

Treadmill for sale

Treadmill for sale (Photo credit: Jonathan D. Blundell)

Preparing for a challenge should it be a 5K, 10K or Marathon…go for it Christiin the end, you just want to feel great about how well you prepared for the event and finishing the event regardless of the pace. So since the end of November, I had began the Treadmill trainer program that includes much walking in the beginning and gradually prepares you for the big run.

Well, I realized that the event that I wanted to do with my husband would have to change due to a few circumstances. So, I didn’t want to just give up on my February goal of accomplishing a race in a few words or less. I scoured the internet to locate a challenge that I could fit in for this month, but understanding that my weekends were not available as planned. There has to be a race or challenge that would be appropriate for me. WELLLLLLLL….I found one.

Under US Road Running there is a Treadmill Challenge (Virtual) event that will end on March 1. Not quite February, but for me, I have made it my intention to complete this challenge by February 28th. 🙂 This Treadmill Challenge is inline with Walking for a Cause all of the way. I still get my workout in and meet a goal. Isn’t that what you want to do to?

It would be great if you joined me in this challenge. Let’s say that you decide to join me in this challenge, just inbox me or place your statement below letting me know that you are “IN”.

Where to register:

*I am not an affiliate to this event.

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