Why We Love Wellness (And You Should, Too!)

Healthy Living Key Shows Health Diet And Fitness" by Stuart MilesPrograms, challenges, plans and more can be general descriptive ways that wellness is provided to the public.  But really looking at wellness and why everyone should love it is the real statement for you today. Let’s look at wellness as a countdown:

  1. Mental Strength:  Boost of confidence can be quickly achieved when you look at your health regimen and you realize that you need a change, but the kicker is that you make a change to see what the results will be.  You notice that you are singing a different tune to everything that you do.  You find the good in the bad and you acknowledge that it takes less energy thinking happy wonderful thoughts than pondering the negative.
  2. Value Time:  Regardless of your busy schedule or the many fast food restaurants, you really begin to look at the menu closer and try to pick something that you can really eat without “putting” in the bad.  You really take the time to look at everything you put in your body. Or, if you go to the grocery store and you find yourself read every label prior to putting the item in your basket.  Valuing your time when making food choices is greatly appreciated for you holistically.
  3. Mirrored Images:  Instead of critiquing your image and where the “flaws” are, you imagine yourself where you want to be and you take the time to look at yourself and not compare yourself to others.  The comparisons aren’t going to work, because you are totally different from anyone that you meet relative or not.  Speak the positive to your mirrored image and love the you that you are becoming.

Assignment:  Share with us why you love wellness and what is it about wellness or taking the leap toward a healthy lifestyle is worth your mind, body and spirit.

Photo Credit:  “Healthy Living Key Shows Health Diet And Fitness” by Stuart Miles, freedigitalphotos.net

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