5 Family Fun Games That Everyone Should Play

Go Board Game

Go Board Game (Photo credit: spwelton)

It’s retro time!

Board games are still around, but the question should be are you using any of them?  We love board games/family fun games when make a concerted effort to play them.  Do you believe that board games/family fun games still have the fun that we found in the earlier years? There is more competition now for entertainment.  Just to think, there are even board games that involve the board, but a DVD to keep everyone active.  Let’s take the time to go retro on the board games that are still popular and fun for the family.

  1. Uno: This card game is so much fun that you can even make up your own rules to spice up the game between each other.  It can be a great game with two or more players.
  2. Connect Four:  This game involves only two people, but “blocking” your opponent is what keeps the challenge going.  It never gets boring!
  3. Monopoly:  The best game as ever!  It has been around for many years and keeps everyone on the go, because they want to have someone to “show them the money”.
  4. Clue:  It’s time to solve the mystery!  What a fun game to play with the family.  Though we used it in our family time, it’s quite fun watching teens try to be the detective.
  5. Othello:  This is a game that I loved to play with my dad.  The fun part of this is that this game takes it to another level from checkers.  You get to “turn” the pieces over and challenge your opponent.

What is your favorite family game?  We’d love to hear!

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