Now And Later…The Candy Or Your Habit

"Stethoscope On Cigarette Packet" by Grant Cochrane

Making anything a habit will make you think about how you do things, such as consciously being happy, saying good morning to people you do and don’t know, and putting on those exercise clothes when you’d rather lounge around. When do you want to make a lifestyle change is the question? Now and Later will have to be the answer.

In the article, Health and fitness habits ‘influence health over next two decades” it points out two factors:   Environmental and  Behavioral

They define each in the article, however, looking at each in our everyday life setting would help to break it down further.

  • Environmental factors: indoor-outdoor air, what’s in the water, plants, animals, etc. It is the physical surrounding of what we come in contact with, and what is in our daily lives. The items that we use to clean, what we throw away, and what is living around us.
  • Behavioral factors: alcohol consumption, tobacco use, physical activity and diet, health check-ups. The way we treat our insides and have others help us assess what is happening on the inside of our bodies plays a significant role in how we live.

The most amazing piece of this article is from Medical News Today …”even if a person does not become physically active until later in life, their health will still see benefits.” There is hope for those who want to start to make a lifestyle change later in life, this is why beginning your habit toward total wellness is worth Walking for a Cause later.

Photo Credit:  “Stethoscope On Cigarette Packet” by Grant Cochrane

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