Alzheimer’s Update: Rogen Speaks to Senate

Seth Rogen at the Observe and Report world pre...

Alzheimer’s and dementia is the sixth leading cause of death. This disease is a cause that many are appealing to congress to get more funding for research, because they see the affects of the disease in their families. In a recent article, “Seth Rogen on testifying at Senate hearing: ‘Upsetting to me’“, elaborates on the need and the attention that everyone is weighing in on the need for research and how important it is for leaders to listen so some of the stories that these families have.

Alzheimer’s and dementia is heart breaking to those who care for their loved one’s. Rogan wanted the senators to hear, but according to the article,”Rogen says he was disappointed with the senators who decided not to show up and listen.” As advocates, sometimes it isn’t about the numbers, but the message that you send to the leaders.  Stating the facts, not getting upset and stating your passion is important.  Watching the video attached will definitely move you and help you understand why Walking for a Cause came to fruition.  Simply stating, advocacy can be a positive point in spreading the message and letting others know what you are experiencing and how you would like to see action for your cause. And, this is what Rogen did.

“I think until you see it firsthand, it’s kind of hard to conceive of how brutal it is”
-Seth Rogen, Alzheimer’s Association Celebrity Champion

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