Winning Your Walking Challenges

Wheelchair Racers

Wheelchair Racers (Photo credit: PMillera4)

Walking is a gift. I really mean what I have just stated…Walking is a gift. When my mother had to retrain herself to walk again after an illness, not once, but twice, you really begin to see the gift that walking is. As she pushed herself through physical therapy each time, you could see that she was determined not to be confined to a wheel chair. For all intense and purposes, she wanted to throw the wheel chair out the window and just walk without one care in the world.

Each time, mom has moved from the wheelchair and to a walking stick (cane). It was her that vowed that she will not be defeated by the challenges that she faced. What is the lesson for those of us who find fitness fearful or even healthy lifestyle living lacking luster?

We must find the win in our challenges to be the best walker or amazing and phenomenal person that we are here to be. We must find ways to walk, mentally or physically so that we stay fit and look at our lifestyles with care and passion. We are given this wonderful and miraculous body to appreciate how it works. So, even if you walk with a cane, or use a wheel chair to move around, find the fitness that meets your physical needs and be a person who walks into their lovely lifestyle with a winning attitude.

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