Get On The Path To Better Health

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow….The word tomorrow means…the next day or a future in time according to the Bing dictionary.  When you say that you want to make a healthy lifestyle choice of exercising, eating properly or saying a daily prayer, most defer to the next day but it ends up being the future in time.

A three steps to “Get On The Path To Better Health” would include:

1.  Find someone who wants to do the same…be a healthier person.  The best way to really get back on track to a path toward better health, find someone who is supportive.  This is a wonderful way to get started.  They have to have a genuine interest in your goals and not “boss” you around about what you need to do, but “encourage” you in the process.

2.  Make up your mind.  Self-sabotage is one of the most destructive methods of walking toward a goal of better health.  The negative talk that you create is more damaging than others giving you their negative talk.  You have to strive to be at your best by making a choice that you can live with and stick to it.  It really is about YOUR mindset.

3.  Identify your weakness.  You really know what is holding you back from getting on the path to better health.  And, this is really the self-talk that you will have to change.  Use positive language and recognize what you weakness is, i.e. food, friends, routine, or lack of faith.

It is very important that you at least try these three simple steps toward your walk toward a better healthy lifestyle.  We tend to help others with their cause, but this time make this path your walk toward your cause for a better health.  You can do it!

Photo resource: Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/  “Past, Present, Future Dice Showing Forecasts”



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