Little Faith Equals Little Gain

Matthew 14:31 NIV Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith, ” he said, “why did you doubt?”


Doubts (Photo credit: Rickydavid)

You know immediately whether or not you have full faith in Him.  I’m not saying that you waver in believing in Him and the word, but there are days…because you are human…that your faith seems stronger than most.  We often hear how we have the most faith when thins are going smooth and really good, but it is when we question our loyalty in His word when things begin to get a little rocky.

Just the other day, I was reviewing a few items and I had the biggest smile on my face, because I just knew that “I had this particular goal on track.  However, I was quickly reminded that I am not in control of my “goal’ per se’, but I can only guide my goal in to a path that I believe is best for me to accomplish with His will.  Sometimes we have to divert our planned path and go in the direction that we must, lead by Him. Our faith has to be in knowing that we put our trust “not a little” but all of our trust in his works.

What do you do then when it comes to making wise choices in your walk?

1.  You will be caught.  Let go and release the chain that is binding you from achieving your goal towards a healthy lifestyle.  Sometimes this is not an immediate task, but there are little steps that you can take to gaining the REAL you back.  Though you feel as though you have fallen from your steps toward success, He will catch you and give you guidance in how you are to continue your walk toward your goal.

2.  Pick up your lip.  You heard me right.  Pick up your lip, because you realize that you are making strides in your steps towards you “gain”.  It is happening before your beautiful eyes, where His work is in progress and you see little actions are paying off.  Your journey in your healthy living is walking with faith and knowing that your are learning.  Don’t doubt HIM!

3.  Proudly Pray.  Give him thanks for the awakened moment where you were thrown off track and given that boost to believe in HIM with full faith.  Pray and give Him thanks, because every praise is heard.  Then, walk with pride knowing that you are encouraged.

Assignment:  Really look at the verse and think of when you have doubted His works, or if you are in that awkward moment at this time, say a prayer…right now and thank him for giving you the knowledge of knowing that you can get out of the situation with His help.  He will be there every step of the way.  His way guides our walk…regardless of the cause.

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