Improve Your Lifestyle With A Walking Plan

Walking in Shilda

Walking in Shilda (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to new research from Stanford University, you can become a person who can have creative thoughts.  However, the study involved productivity and creativeness relative to “work” (not work out) but with walking. The study continued to look at a test group where idea’s flowed with ease whether the person walked outdoors or indoors.


Can this study possibly improve your lifestyle?

It can!  Let me share with you how…

Create a walking plan and improve your lifestyle by becoming a clear minded person with many things to share in a creative manner while helping others.


WARNING:  This is not your normal plan to prepare yourself for your new enhanced lifestyle.  You will need more than paper!


1.  W.O.R.K. Walking Obediently Resisting Kickbacks.  You want to only think within reason when you create your plan.  It will be work for you, because you will need to ensure that the plan you create can be achieve.  Work within reason and use the knowledge that you have. Regardless of how many times your fall back into your old routine, resist it and walk obediently to war your goal.


2. Affirm Your Goals.  Say your plan out loud to let yourself hear what you want to do as you prepare to walk with your head held high.  Write your walking plan down several times and put it in several places to remind yourself that you WANT to improve your lifestyle.


3. Review Your Plan, but After…  You will need to review what you have created for your walking plan, but give yourself at least six weeks to see if it is working  This will afford the ups and downs, the “I’m gonna quit to “;”I’m looking good ” days.  Be honest in your mission of reviewing your SUCCESSES.


To learn more about this study, please visit the article “Walking Boots Creative Thinking“.


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