Walk 3 Miles In Your Living Room

Living Room

Living Room (Photo credit: The Borrowed Abode)

Do you bike, run or dance in your living room?  If you do you are not the only person who does these exercises for enjoyment, respite of walking or jogging or just for relaxation.  There are so many programs that are available for you to try in your living room that it can become very difficult to choose one that meets your personal needs.  It’s called OVERWHELM!

No matter if you are an exercise guru or a couch to 5Ker, you will have that bug in you to try something different to keep the spice in your exercise life. So, I thought I would talk about walking in your living room.  Yep!  You’ve got it!  It’s time to walk inside your home to get your moves on….

Many people have heard about the Leslie Sansone exercise program where you walk a various amount of miles in your space.  However, there are ways that you do not have to go and get something extra, but you can use any of your tapes or DVD’s to walk.  Instead of participating in the vigorous program, most of them have a person who is participating at a very low level.  Most of the programs have music that accompanies the workout.  Listen to the music and walk with a fast or slow pace and but enjoy having the company before you working out to their hardest.  This is not a cheat moment.  Your goal is to move, and this is what you will be doing.  There are days where we need to rest or take is slowly, but don’t ever give up.

I know you are wondering have I really tried this?

Yes.  There was an extreme cardio tape provided by a friend of mine, and it was way above my level.  I knew that I am a believer in challenging oneself, but this was too extreme.  I just watched, walked and did a little jog to learn more about the program, but not disappointed that I couldn’t do the extreme moves.  It’s about NOT giving up, but doing something.

Don’t get discouraged.  Walk/run/jog with the DVD that seems to challenge you.  At least you can say you participated!  One of the best DVD guru’s gave me the idea, because he didn’t want you to give up but at least participate.

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