Walking the Fine Line of Being A Grown Child

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As a grown child…who has cared and still holds responsibilities for her parents.  My mother still holds me near and gives guidance in this stage of my life, and I do the same for her.  For those of you who are just following me, my dad whom I love dearly has dementia.  With this debilitating disease, I am gradually experiencing the changes in his life and how it affects him, my mom and our interactions.

My dad is a very gentle soul with a wonderful smile, still has a hearty laugh and still knows who we are; however, the daily routines are changing and that is where our trips to the mall are different.

What do you see and truly experience when in the mall or on a trip to the grocery store?

The average person has a list, goes through the aisles and identifies what they want for purchase. As you are in the mall, you have specific clothing items that you are looking for and you are on a hunt to find it.

Imagine a time when you go to the grocery store and you truly see the vibrant colors of the fruits and vegetables, detect the various smells or aromas throughout the store.  In the mall, you notice the people for their features, how they talk, walk and move through the stores, and you identify with a smell that relates to your past.  

This is what it is like when we go places.  It is almost surreal, because dad though my parent can be intrigued by the colors, smells and ambiance because he is appreciating and identifying with the little things that we take for granted.  And, deep down, we’ve noticed that we must be near each other at all times.

When you walk the fine line of being a grown child, it can be rather interesting, because you want the old, but the new is what you must live.  Giving joy in life is what makes this time amazing and helps in the ever-changing time in our life.

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