Walk Smart

2 Peter 1:5 NIV For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; and to goodness, knowledge;”

Cross over Mt. Helix

Cross over Mt. Helix (Photo credit: Martin LaBar)

Very soon, I will be celebrating my anniversary of beginning the Walking for a Cause blog.  And, in this journey, I have noticed one key thing: I have learned.  I have learned so many things about myself, the health industry, and the benefits of walking.  This road has been one that has kept me going for so many reason, because my faith in knowing that any effort placed toward Alzheimer’s research and other necessary causes will help many regardless of it being from acquiring a few cents, writing blogs for awareness or to walking miles.

When we think of one who must Walk Smart, we think of posture, stride, steps and more, but we must think of how we walk mentally.  According to Marian Hoven in the article, What Are the Health Benefits of Walking an Hour a Day on the Treadmill, “Regular exercise can improve your thinking, learning and mood by reducing your risk of depression and relieving stress.”

We must continue to keep walking with much faith and acknowledge that God has His part, but as His children we must do our part as well.  We must not stand still and allow faith to be faith, but we must work toward or shall I say walk with confidence in accomplishing our task of living well.  Walk Smart can be a call for many of us when it comes to our lives in remaining happy and stress free.

Assignment:  When you go to the gym or step outside your door to walk this week, consider how you will be walking or what you may do prior to your walk.  Are you still doing the walk for yourself and are you giving back to others as you do so?

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