Trail Walking: A Path That Is Unknown

English: Beecraigs walking trail. There are th...

English: Beecraigs walking trail. There are three colour-coded trails amongst the woodland.There is also access for cyclists and horse riders. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I had the opportunity to participate in the last 5K, I had to go through the field, i.e. park. What was so neat about this is that in my training, I just started to include walking in the grass where there would be little inclines and unevenness in the path.  It is kind of like life, not understanding what may be in front of you, but you know that this is something that will be accomplished and be a health benefit.

In a recent article that I read about Trail Walking included amazing benefits of walking outdoors in this environment, ways to boost your fitness, Nordic Walking and more. And, though the article, “Trail Walking Tips”, was in a diabetic magazine, Diabetic Living,  the benefits of the article are worth taking the time to read them.

I know when I think about trail walking, I begin to think about spring or fall, because of the foliage, and the fresh air that you breath.  However, I also, think about the time when I was younger, the trails that we took in our youth group.  We really had a lot of fun on the trails, talking, laughing, and tripping.  Yep! Tripping over the unknown items in the path.  This is just like life.  We encounter so many trails so to speak in life.  We just live it, and prayerfully walk gently listening to our God anticipating the next direction that He will lead us.

Assignment:  How do you feel when you are on your life’s trail?  Do you feel that with it being unknown that your faith becomes stronger?

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