14 Day Food Log: A Trail of Your True Eating Habits

How does your healthy meals path look for the next 14 days?

You will not be getting a meal plan for the next fourteen days; however, I am going to ask you to

Eating & Looking

Eating & Looking (Photo credit: Geoff LMV)

track the next 14 days of what you eat.  This is just a little twist to how most plans work. So often we start an eating plan for a 14, 21 or 30 day cycle, but we never take the time to really track what we eat on a daily bases.  This will not be easy and you will want to give up after day three; however, since you are reading this…I have the confidence that you will take the time to learn about the trail that you are leading yourself down daily.  This is two weeks of being conscious of what you are eating, and how much you are eating and where you are eating.

This is not a weight-loss program.  This is not a fix it plan.  This is just what it is…making you aware of what you are placing in your body and helping you become aware of what your good and bad habits are.  You are creating a “paper” trail of what you are doing food-wise to create one area of your life on the success path to healthier living.

Assignment:  This plan is for 14 days.  However you may start at any moment that you feel would be best for you.  You must stick to the 14 days to really take note of what you are doing.  Now one thing that is not on the sheet, but you may want to place on there is how you felt throughout that day, i.e. worried, tired, frustrated, anxious.  This will help you understand what and why you are eating the foods that you have on your log.

Download:  14 Day Food Log Document

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