When Success Meets Your Wall on the Trail

Wall And Grass

Wall And Grass (Photo credit: Pavel P.)

In conversations with others about our exercise routines, we tend to talk about the beginning a trail and the preparation of the journey, and the end of the journey.  But, we never discuss the journey it self.  The journey is really…to me…the most important part.   It let’s me think about one movie that is really comical, but there is so much truth to it. It is called, Run, Fatboy, Run.

The movie is about a man who is running away from a huge fear.  In his travels of him running away from his “huge” fear, he realizes that the fear is within him.  There is one part that sticks out most.  He is determined to finish a clocked run, and there is this huge wall before him. This wall seems to haunt him for quite sometime, and he has to make a decision as to whether to continue the race or to just stop.  (I’ve got to leave most of the message out from the story…it is a really good movie.)

What happens when you are in the middle of your race?  Do you think that the plan that you had for the race isn’t quite working with this specific trail? Or, do you think about so many other things that you are not able to push yourself the way that you should to get that amazing feeling of success?

Assignment:  What is it about a race and the “wall” that you face that is so intimidating?

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