Hand In Hand Down The Success Trail

The Whole Gang

The Whole Gang (Photo credit: ClaraDon)

Supporting each other through exercise has been so helpful for my husband, daughter and me.  It is really a difficult task for all of us to get on the path together because of our schedules, but there is support and encouragement continuously.    We want each of us to work diligently on our exercise routine and to be cautious of what we feed our bodies.  However, each of these tasks, exercise and meals can be challenging, as mentioned before…because of our schedules.

I am not saying that we hold each other’s hand literally, but we do hold each other accountable for our choices and this does help in our path toward achieving success on the trail of a healthy lifestyle. But, there are several people who believe they do not have a support system that can be there for them.

I need you to think about this…

Everyone does have someone, but it’s about what you know they would be willing to offer.

Not everyone will support you in your efforts.  However, in your goal setting, you have various things that you want to accomplish and you need to decide what support you need from them for that goal.

Assignment:  Make a list of about five items that you would like support with and then decide who would best help you with that goal.  Remember, not everyone will be supportive, but there is something within all of us that will help someone.



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