The Cheeseburger Path to Faith

I’m not trying to get my way

In the world’s way

I’m trying to get your way,

Your word’s way

I’m staying on your trail;

I’m putting one foot

In front of the other

I’m not giving up

Psalm 17: 4-5 (The Message Bible)

I know you want me!

I know you want me! (Photo credit: Toms Bauģis)

The prayer that David is saying is very powerful in that we are always seeking to correct a path in our life. That we are aware of God’s will and want for us and that in our choices that we do so with Him in mind. We make mistakes in our walk, but we are not to forget that we are to learn from them and to take what we have learned to make us a better person.


A path can be interpreted in so many ways; however, we can ultimately know that it leads us to something whether we walk, run, crawl, or even climb our way to where we want to travel.  It will be important to know that as we “travel” we do not give up for He is there to guide us and give us the strength in our travels.


So how can this relate to a healthy lifestyle?


Today, I really wanted a juicy burger with all of the fixin’s .  I don’t keep those “real” items in the home (mainly the bread…), so I went through that drive-thru and got a juicy burger like no other. The cost…many things.  I know that that burger contained salt, grease and a mound of calories.  I knew that afterwards I’d pay for it since my body isn’t use to it.  It was as though I forgot for that moment that I could have created something similar at home with less calories and better quality, minus the bread.


This is just a “little” example of choices that we make and the path that it will lead us down.  (a very weak example, but one that many of us can relate to 🙂 However, David’s prayer is to use us to realize the true goal of life–to know God–and the true reward of life–to see God one Day. Though he wrote this while being persecuted by Saul we can learn so much from what he was saying in these two verses.


Put your faith in HIM!


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