Day 1: My Morning Routine Includes…


Questionnaire (Photo credit: Ikhlasul Amal)

I sincerely hope that you are joining me and others in the Organize the Perfect Morning Routine for a Healthy Lifestyle–5 Day Challenge.  This is going to be a lot of fun for each of us.  The blogs will not be vary long, but they will be a huge punch of power to really help you look at your morning routine and what you need to do to make a few corrections to make it worthy for you!

You have read this correctly…I am not going to tell you how your morning routine needs to look, because we all have different things that need to be done in the morning, our schedule vary and our lifestyles don’t look the same either.  If I were to give you my routine when I am caring for others in my home, it would look drastically different from what today would look.  So, you’ll have to recognize that even though you may look at your morning today, it may change this time next year.  This is a good thing, because we must grow and our lives do change.

Why must we look at your morning routine?

I will give you three basic reasons.

  1. You will feel a sense of accomplishment.
  2. You will be more energetic/productive.
  3. You will meet your and others needs.

Today’s assignment: You are to complete the questionnaire using 5DayChallengeQuestionnaire.  Now the most amazing part about this questionnaire, is that you will learn more about yourself than you realize.  You will notice what you do and don’t do and where you may want to make the changes in organizing your morning routine.  After you complete the questionnaire, reply what you learned about yourself from taking the questionnaire.

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