Movietime: Understanding Vegetarianism

ID-100224896I love vegetables so much that my family is always saying, “Another salad!” or they ask what is this new vegetable dish.  Usually it’s a created recipe that I wanted to try from the internet or something I’ve created.  I am not a vegetarian, but I am very selective of what meats I eat.  After really evaluating the 7 types of vegetarians, I would be called a Flexitarian/semi-vegetarian.  I could go without meat, but there are times where I would like meat.

Have you ever practiced vegan lifestyle?

Yes.  In my mid-twenties, I worked in an environment where vegetables, beans and no dairy was involved and I LOVED every moment of it.  I was my “finest” at that time, a real vegan!  There were many things about that lifestyle that I really enjoyed; however, it took a lot of discipline.  Then, I was introduced to a fast where I did it again, and it really helped me so much this is where I began to really limit my meats again!  And, this is where I am now…but, I watched this movie that really made me really think even more about my choices…VEGUCATED !

WHAT A TRAILER?  You must see the movie to get the entire meat (sorry for the pun) of the message that Marisa Miller Wolfson has provided to the public.  She really allows you to follow three New Yorkers in their journey to learn about what a vegan lifestyle is like.  What I found most powerful were the trips that she took the three individuals on and the information provided about the “making” of the meat.

Assignment:  I would like to encourage you to watch the entire movie.  There may be a community showing in your neighborhood as well; however, the movie can be found on Netflix or ordered from their website at   Once you have watched the movie, I’d love to have a chat session with you or you may reply to this posting.  Our learning about vegan/vegetarian lifestyle will continue for the next 5 days and your participate is welcomed!



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4 thoughts on “Movietime: Understanding Vegetarianism

  1. A very interesting movie! As a believer of fitness I need to watch it. I actually eat balance.

  2. Interesting! I always enjoy watching documentaries/real-life stories! Sounds like a healthy cause, too! (Pun intended LOL)

    • Kristen…love the pun. Yep! It really is a healthy cause too! When you see the entire film, there is one person who really makes you think greatly about making healthy choices.

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