Walk In A Vegan’s Shoes (NO LEATHER ALLOWED)

 What kind of shoes and clothing do you where?

VeganIt’s true that we are to be cognizant of they types of clothing that we put on during the different seasons of the year.  And, we also look for where our clothing has been made, and who has made the clothing; however, have you truly considered what  it really means to be vegan…

It’s not all about food.  It’s about the lifestyle that you live. 

I learned more about being vegan from the movie Vegucated.  So, I must correct myself. My soap, lotion, clothing, toothpaste, shoes, hair products, vitamins, and more were not solely vegan.  Thus, during the time, I ate a vegan lifestyle, I didn’t walk the vegan lifestyle like I thought.  Here are three areas to consider:

  1. Toiletries.  Understanding what some of the words on the labels is very important.  For example, many toothpastes are made with pork or animal by-products. The list of toiletries is very extensive, but you are encouraged to visit porkinmysoap.instantnetworks.net.  They provided a well researched list, Pork In Soap.
  2. No Leather Allowed.  Take off your shoes, and read the label.  Do you see leather as a product used to make your shoe?  Leather is from an animal, thus, this wouldn’t be in a true vegan’s home.  However, in my research, I noticed that there is a running shoe that is on the vegan list.
  3. Fast Food.  You are out with your friends and they want to go through the drive through, what is a vegan to eat?  there are a few fast food chains that provide options.  However, it is always best to check their menu’s often though research has been done.

This goes into question, where does one shop if they are vegan?

This list is really minimal, but there are so many options available.  Look in your area for places that fit your lifestyle and convenience.

*There are no endorsements from any of the products or companies listed or used in this blog post.  This blog is strictly informational and a part of a series on Vegetarianism.  Jewel is not a vegan, but is a label reader and uses several vegan products by choice. 



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One thought on “Walk In A Vegan’s Shoes (NO LEATHER ALLOWED)

  1. I would think that being a vegan is very restrictive to your whole lifestyle, but mainly if you want to eat out. Vegetarians are only recently being catered for in the last 10 years or so. I understand why you would want to be vegan, but I do think it must be hard for you.

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